test and confidence/desire

  1. test and confidence/desire

    I started my first cycle using Test. I'm using 500mg of Sust (250mg twice a week) and 1000mg of 4AD cyp (500mg twice a week). I know I know, not many here like Sust, but I'm really short on sources, and that's actually all they had.

    Anyway, it's a few weeks in now, and I'm noticing a serious difference now than any "prohormone" cycle I ever did. Every woman I look at that's even slightly attractive, I instantly begin to fantasize about *ahem* getting it on with them. Not only that, my mind actually starts contemplating actually persuing them. I am not an impulsive person at all, actually very restrained and very good at controlling my emotions. So I never act on any of these feelings. However sometimes the desire is preposterously huge. It would be exceedingly bad for me to act on any of these feelings because I'm in a committed relationship with someone I love very much and I would never betray her trust like that.

    Anyway, has anyone else experienced this to this degree, and do you have any tricks you use to help keep these thoughts and feelings at bay?

    It's gotten to the point where every night I have dreams about cheating, and it occupies my mind for a large part fo the day. I know it's the Test because before going oncycle, my girlfriend was the only person in the world I wanted to be with.

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    I've been noticing this too just with my HRT...kinda a weird feeling as I am not an impulsive person either....how i deal with it...well, i keep replaying my wife acting on what she'd say she'd do if I ever cheated on her...and lopping off my "friend" doesnt sound fun...thats enough to keep me on track...

  3. It's totally normal with test. It's just the rise in libido. My first test cycle, I swear to god I beat off 3-4 times/day and then when my booty call got off work at night, I would screw here for 3 more hours. For me, test also helps me go longer and for the most part, I can totally control my orgasm...IOW's, I can go as long as I want, but as soon as I "want" to cum, I can make it happen at the drop of a hat...pretty cool.

  4. This is why test could be used for depression insted of the more addictive perscriptions untill the F$C*S banned it with the steroid controll act.

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