Lifting in Prison

  1. Lifting in Prison

    I am involved in a Christian ministry to prisoners in a max security facility in Oklahoma.  It is awesome BTW.  I have visited with a number of the inmates that have a bodybuilder's physique and was interested to learn that the State of Oklahoma in all its wisdom eliminated all bodybuilding equipment from their prisons two yrs ago.  Seems the inmates were getting much bigger than most of the guards and they were feeling concerned.  In the spirit of BB though, the inmates lift weighted laundrybags for curls, bench and squats and they do alot of chins and pushups.  The spirit sometimes just won't die. some of these lifters have 900 yr sentences so lifting keeps them focussed and sane.

  2. sounds cool, is there any hook up with that in MN. i would like to get invoved. I was looking into doing some prison ministry, but it sounds like I would be more suited for what you are doing.

    This also brings up an interesting topic. HOW IMPORTANT IS NUTRITION? I mean if these guys have got some good physiques. We have to be certain thatthey are not getting near enough protein nor carbs for tha matter. Nor are they eating adequate amount of times. Is this nutrition thing more then it is cracked up to be? What are the thoughts on that?

  3. That is one of the problems they face.  Actually, the bodybuilders all look extremely cut.  As far as getting involved try they have a links page but I din't see one labeled MN.  Might send an inquiry to find one near you.  You won't be sorry, It is amazing to see 40+ hardened men find a purpose for their life and unconditional love in a life that has been lacking in it.  I found that many of the men are not alot unlike we on the outside; situations, choices and getting caught made the difference.  Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating turning all these guys loose but rehabilitation is sorely lacking in prisons.  Thanks for the interest and may God bless. 

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