Like the new looks.

  1. Like the new looks.

    Just want to give props to the Anabolicminds forum team. Love the new layout.
    I was going into withdraws without haveing my forums to read this past weakend but it was worth the wait. This is my favorite place.
    Nice job guys keep up the good work.

    Love my 1-T Pro.

  2. Thanks bro...we all work hard around here and it's getting better for everyone. There's a few new services that were installed as well but we'll announce them one at a time

    FIRST RELEASE: FREE email addresses (can be accessed by both webmail AND POP3 client).


  3. Is the board suppose to look different? It looks the same as it did on Friday.

  4. Mike,

    For those that did not have their preference set a new skin was displayed to them on their return. There is an option between two choices that can be toggled from your userCP under options. The first choice is called "Emerge" and the second "Proto".


  5. Just wanted to say the new layout looks good. Although I got a little worried that the old dark skin was gone until I changed my preferences. Thanks for keeping the dark skin (forget the name). The white is too hard on the eyes when having to work at a computer all day.



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