Tough Times, and those of us dealing with them.

  1. Tough Times, and those of us dealing with them.

    I made this thread really to say something to all of those who read it, not just to give condolences to certain brothers..

    I've had a rough 2003 so far, brother.. Family member after family member dying, now my mother is so freaked out, she demands me to get periodical screenings for cancer.. It tends to run in my family, and I had the misfortune at the age of 20 to find a lump somewhere....

    I feel alot of you guys are like an extension of my real-time family, and I feel bad to hear things that have happened past or present to any of you.. Yes, even you Big H..

    "Pooter" whom many have seen randomly in our chatroom, is experiencing a tough time similar to miine, so I extend my prayers to him and his family.. Also to the rest of you guys/girls, stay strong and healthy...

    Peter Michael


  2. Pooter, sorry to hear about you recent losses of ones close to and your family are in my prayers

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  3. ^bump^

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  4. Bump this to keep it up.. At least to let everyone see it..

  5. definitely, best wishes to everyone going through their respective ****...

  6. Bump..............back to the top with ya. Much respect.



  7. Bump, my condolences guys.

  8. condolences.

  9. bump...sorry bro...dont know the circumstances specifically but understand how devastating those kinds of losses are. my prayers are with ya....


  10. Bump. Condolences bro.

  11. Bump on that. Best wishes to you guys.


  12. Bump

    Condolences and thoughts be with you.


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