I met Jesse Marunde

  1. I met Jesse Marunde

    I was walking through my military BX on my way back from Baskin Robins and low and behold, there is the biggest guy I have ever seen on a military base. Walked up and shook his hand, what a nice guy. I didn't want to chat to much so I went back to the wife and ate our ice cream.

    As we were leaving Jesse headed over to chat again and say it was nice to meet us. Honestly I have to say I think Jesse is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, and he was extremely nice to my wife who is very self concious of getting the baby fat off.

    Just thought I would share that. I have been talking about it all night, it was a very kick ass thing for me to meet him.

  2. I'm a BIG Marunde fan. Strong as hell, and very lean for a Strongman. I have respect for the PLers and Strongmen that pay attention to body comp.

    He has a damn nice website...lots of cool videos

  3. Way cool guy too, he was extremely nice. He looks big on TV but in person he is freaking huge, truelly a site to see.

  4. Well I thought it was cool.

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