Happy Birthday Dr. D!

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  1. Thumbs up Happy Birthday Dr. D!

    I for one always appreciate the vast knowledge and insight the good Dr. provides us. Here's to today and many more yet to come!

  2. ..........<--- Dr.D!

    Have on of these.....
    Then one of these!

    <-- Then go ahead and accept your position!

  3. Happy Bday man!!

  4. Happy Birthday Bro!

  5. Thanks guys! You are too kind.

    I probably will pig out today, just a little!

  6. blessings on your head, Doc! thanks for all you do!

  7. Celeb B-day in da hooouuuuse

    Happy B-day DrD....hope you have many great years ahead of you.

  8. happy birthday to the good doctor!

  9. happy b-day smartguy.

  10. Happy B-Day Doc.

    I can say for sure that we appreciate all that you do.

  11. Happy Birthday Dr.D! Have a good one dude. Appreciate all that you do here.

  12. Happy Birthday Dr. D! Your wealth of knowledge and willing to share is a gift to us all and you are truely an inspiriation!

  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Dr. D, you've definitely been one of the most helpful people on this board. I appreciate you greatly. Now go have some fun

  15. "You better call me a doctor, feelin' no pain"

    Happy Birthday!!!
    The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams.They'll tell you black is really white, the moon is just the sun at night and when you walk in golden halls you get to keep the gold that falls.

  16. Well, well, happy b-day, spend some time away from work for once.

  17. Happy birthday man, thanks for all the contributions

    just noticed its DR.D birthday! Happy B-Day Dr.D- I hope you get drunk and laid

  19. happy birthday

  20. happy birthday!
    from me and kenny rogers
    My Little Site about Hair Loss & Anabolics-
    hair loss from steroids dot com

  21. Soooo....which one is you and which is kenny rogers?

  22. Happy D-day Doc. We appreciate all the help. Enjoy the day bro

  23. Happy B-Day!

  24. Happy B-Day buddy, hope you make it one of your best ever.


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