Happy Birthday Dr. D!

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  1. Thumbs up Happy Birthday Dr. D!

    I for one always appreciate the vast knowledge and insight the good Dr. provides us. Here's to today and many more yet to come!

  2. ..........<--- Dr.D!

    Have on of these.....
    Then one of these!

    <-- Then go ahead and accept your position!

  3. Happy Bday man!!

  4. Happy Birthday Bro!

  5. Thanks guys! You are too kind.

    I probably will pig out today, just a little!

  6. blessings on your head, Doc! thanks for all you do!

  7. Celeb B-day in da hooouuuuse

    Happy B-day DrD....hope you have many great years ahead of you.

  8. happy birthday to the good doctor!

  9. happy b-day smartguy.

  10. Happy B-Day Doc.

    I can say for sure that we appreciate all that you do.

  11. Happy Birthday Dr.D! Have a good one dude. Appreciate all that you do here.

  12. Happy Birthday Dr. D! Your wealth of knowledge and willing to share is a gift to us all and you are truely an inspiriation!

  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Dr. D, you've definitely been one of the most helpful people on this board. I appreciate you greatly. Now go have some fun

  15. "You better call me a doctor, feelin' no pain"

    Happy Birthday!!!

  16. Well, well, happy b-day, spend some time away from work for once.

  17. Happy birthday man, thanks for all the contributions

    just noticed its DR.D birthday! Happy B-Day Dr.D- I hope you get drunk and laid

  19. happy birthday

  20. happy birthday!
    from me and kenny rogers
    My Little Site about Hair Loss & Anabolics-
    hair loss from steroids dot com

  21. Soooo....which one is you and which is kenny rogers?

  22. Happy D-day Doc. We appreciate all the help. Enjoy the day bro

  23. Happy B-Day!

  24. Happy B-Day buddy, hope you make it one of your best ever.


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