Most Improved Member Award

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  1. I get "most stagnant" award hehe...

    and the title of "Best French Basher"

  2. Originally posted by John Benz
    I would not put Bone and Scotty2 on a list like this, as I always had great respect for their input even before this board.
    Thanks Benz!!! So somebody DOES remember me!!! It means alot.



  3. I'll throw down for Bone too. He's always been one heck of a contributor in my book.

  4. Originally posted by windwords7
    Just for kicks, we should do the "least improved member" award as well!
    That would be me. I guess I do more reading than posting.

  5. Most improved? I'd have to say Biggin, or maybe he just didn't start contributing more untill lately, but damn impressive work, studies are almost always there now, good stuff.

    I would say Scotty, Pogue, or Bone but they've been on top of things ever since they came here IMO.

    What about "Sexiest member over 250lbs"? Oh wait, that's me

  6. Originally posted by jweave23
    What about "Sexiest member over 250lbs"? Oh wait, that's me
    Too bad I no longer qualify
  7. Unhappy oh, well

    i'd get the award for the member whos regressed the most

  8. I haven't been banned yet, that must be worth some kind of award?


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