Need the help of the AM members..

  1. Need the help of the AM members..

    Myself and some of my buddies have started a website about our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and some of the adventures that it takes us on, traveling through out the US competing. I dont have alot of content at the moment, I am still working on that. I just need a couple of the members to visit my site and tell me what they think. I dont care if you bash on it or not. Any suggestions will help me in the long run. So throw them at me. The only thing that I dont have up at the moment is we are going to add a Girl of the Month section, where we take pictures of some girls and post them. I am working on that as we speak. Thanks again for your help.

  2. Layout looks good to me, and the colors are easy on the eyes (big plus).

    Just fill it up. I would like to do some BJJ, but with everything else in my life, I've got no time (g/f, work, school, gym, etc) so I don't know much about it and therefore I dont' have much feedback for content, sorry

  3. Not a problem, you have done plenty. Thanks for your time..

  4. looks good bro. is there anything i can learn off your site or would i have to take a class?
    like kwyck said it looks like something id want to do but i have almost no free time.

  5. No it is pretty easy, you can down load your template off of The hardest thing is changing the template to what you want. after that is it pretty easy to maintain.

  6. Glad you got the site back up. I checked your old link just yesterday and it was down. The new version looks great!

  7. Yeah I had to change server companies, because the old one couldnt support the new type of templates. Plus the new hosting company is cheaper and I have more space. I cant complain. Thanks for checking back. I will be uploading a lot of info over the next couple of weeks.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CrAzyOttER
    i have almost no free time.


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