Full spectrum lighting?(lack of sunlight)

  1. Full spectrum lighting?(lack of sunlight)

    Sort of a weird question.

    I got a new job in an office w/ no windows. I consider sunlight to be fairly important in terms of overall health & well being, but between my work hours and sleep, I will see very little of it.

    Does anyone sell lights that mimic the rays from the sun? Do they actually make a difference?

    At one point in my life, a couple years ago, I lived by myself in an apartment and I basically stayed inside all the time except at night. It's the only time I've dealt with real depression and I think lack of sunlight played a large role.

    I'm hoping to find certain light bulbs or lamps that will at least make a small difference. At the very least the extra light should make the room look better and help keep me comfortable.

    I doubt there are any Canadians or Alaskans here that have dealt with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but that would be nice

  2. Just get daylight flourescents. Anything else will be very expensive, very hot, and very bright (i.e. metal halides)

  3. If you are looking for incandescents bulbs, get the neodymium bulbs from www.budgetlighting.com

    If you are looking for flourescents, then you need to look at the CRI (color rendering index and you want it above 90) and temp between 5000 and 6000 Kelvin. These lights make an increcible difference.

  4. Home Depot and even some alternative health stores sell full-spectrum lighting, which helps alleviate anxiety and depression (whereas flourescant light can ENHANCE anxiety and depression).

  5. Try growing some plants in your office with some compact flourescents with a daylight spectrum, that should help too.



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