men and chocolate???

  1. men and chocolate???

    This has nothing to do with lifting or supplements but I thought it was funny and thought to pass on some chuckles.
    I got a phone call from a friend of mine today that works in an office full of joke she is the ONLY female, anyway she told me that I had to pick up an emergency package for her at 'Trader Joes'. She said it was paid for all I had to do was get it and bring it to the office for was very important and that her whole office was in an uproar and this was the only thing that could fix the problem...... so off I went on my mission - still a little confused that something from a food store could fix any type of computer software problem. Sure enough it was waiting for me at the front counter by a clerk with a **** eating grin on his face, curiousity was driving my nuts so I opened it and to my surprise was a foot long 17.6 oz chocolate which point I busted up laughing. Needless to say the clerk didn't buy it that it was not for me, that it was for a friend of mine - I know it sounded lame when I said but this time it was true!! I just about ran from the store and drove as fast as legal to my friends office...... She met me in the hallway down from her 'cube city' and asked if I had it.. just like a druggy wanting their dope. I forked it over and to my surprise she whipped out a small hammer and walked back to her cube and proceded to smash it with it. It was just like a field of gofers poking their heads out of the ground!!!!!!!!!!! Every cube had a mans head poking out of it looking the our direction.......within minutes we were surrounded!!!! They had answered the call of the chocolate......Each man waited their turn for the mystical chocolate as my friend divied up the chunks by degree of 'grumpiness' worn by the recepient. When we were alone again she explained that the chocolate was the only thing she had found to keep the 'testerone' in line in the office, it seems that they are a 'Alpha' type personalities and will argue just like a room of pitbulls after a bone.......
    I guess chocolate works for both sexes at "that time of the month".......who would have thought?????

  2. bahahahahhaahaha

  3. Chocolate is great, syrup is better!

    "Trust me, it's chocolate!"

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    Chocolate is great, syrup is better!

    "Trust me, it's chocolate!"
    left in a note no less!!!!!!!

  5. I don't care for chocolate

  6. I like "gushers"

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    I like "gushers"
    Those usually taste quite juicy..


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