why is it so hard to talk to chics

  1. why is it so hard to talk to chics

    you know, i have the worst time meeting chics...i mean all my gf's have been hot, so i know hot women are attracted to me, but its like pulling teeth..getting up the nerve to actually say something to a girl.


    For example over the weekend i went out to this bar/club place where they had a band on one side and a hip hop room on the other.  PRetty cool.. anyway my 2 friends i went with hooked up (supposedly).  ME...i didn't even talk to a chic.  They even told me there were at least half a dozen that i could have talked to cause they were eyeing me up.


    anyone else have this shyness problem?  if theres any ladies on the board please responde and let me know whats wrong with me...lol



  2. Once you are huge and ripped you will have no problems.. Talk to ya

    PS Now quit whinning and go work out.. hehehe
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  3. haha...id work out right now, but i am at work. I will still have problems...im just a bitch and don't have balls to talk to girls...i mean i know im not ugly or anything.....

    im just stupid..no lie....i could be sitting at a bar or whatever..and a hot chic could be staring at me..almost through me...ill stare back or whatever..she smiles..blah blah......i say nothing...lol...


  4. well, uh, basically... if you're talking to someone for the first time you have to really not give a **** and just go with it, took me awhile to realize (not only in this, but other areas of life as well) things will work out either way, so I will not allow myself to be stressed or made nervous by **** as simple as talking to somebody... plenty of other more serious **** to be concerned with...

  5. Bump that biggy! Until I learned to just say F*ck it, I was shy too. Now I'm like, "who cares, if she blows me off I'll just move on!". Chances are you won't see them again anyways.

    My problems closing the deal. I have no problem walking up and shooting the **** with a chic, or even getting her number. But the guys who close the deal in one night, now there's talent.

  6. Man, I dunno... but if you don't talk to them, I will

  7. Yea, Im with WYD...... get her real drunk, then maybe she'll talk to you.... but I mean REAL drunk

  8. your not the only one bro,it takes me a few to get the courage to approach the fine ones too.but when your ugly you dont have a chance.

    tru that- they are easier to talk to when they are a bit buzzed.

  9. i hear ya...some nights i have the i don't care attitude and just mack whatever chics i feel like it.......i've actually never been shot down...knock on wood......actually 3 different chics gave me their number..wanted to chill etc. then they found out i used to hook up with this other girl..like ****in 5 yrs prior....and changed their mind cause it was their best friend......seems every chic i meet knows that girl now..lol

    I just haven't gotten laid in about 3 months or so, so I'm feeling the effects.


  10. Try a fat girl...... hey, its works... LOL


  11. more cushion for the pushin!!!!!

  12. roll them around in flour and find the wet spot


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