View Poll Results: which do you prefer?

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  • natural

    13 21.67%
  • prohormones

    18 30.00%
  • juice

    17 28.33%
  • neutral or have done them all

    12 20.00%

your preference,poll.

  1. Question your preference,poll.

    this is just a general consensus to guage the anount of natural,PH and gear oriented members on the board.please participate as you may get a prize or a vacation to hawaii-im kidding, just trying to feel out the amount of diverstiy on the board.its a growing board and there are all sorts of members here,gear heads,naturals,PH users ect....i.e. steriod forum,PH forum,natural and supp forums.

    no need to post,but comments are welcome!


  2. personally i prefer gear but am going natural,this board seems to have it all

  3. it really does. room for everyone dedicated and willing to offer constructive input now and then, I'd say

  4. Well I've been natural until now, just about to start a sONE+ cycle. So I put PH but .....

  5. I really do prefer gear, but its tougher to obtain than its worth, so I stick with PHs...

  6. I started using PH's about a year ago, was natural for years before that. I'm thinking I'll see where the PH ban goes, then I'm looking at gear.

  7. I have done gear, and am trying T-1 Monday.

    Overall, I think I'd prefer gear (we'll see how the T-1 goes )

  8. PHs and gear are neck and neck.wonder if it because of the legal ramifications?
    or,do people come to this board to get information on these subjects mainly?

  9. I did PHs a few years ago. I plan on staying natural unless the gains just don't seem to keep coming.

  10. haven't used either yet... will see what happens naturally, continuing to apply myself as strictly as I can for another year/year and a half... then think about it

  11. nice to see,balance.4 votes in each column

  12. And PH's take the lead.

  13. I have used PH's several times, but I'm gonna go natty for a while and see how anabolic food really is
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  14. i like the ph--but thats just cause i dont no anywhere to get the juice from


  16. anabolic steriods

  17. Don't know haven't tryed any yet was going to run 1-test/4-ad but now im going to use Test-E only cycle!
    Why use ph if u can get the real stuff!!

  18. Gimme the juice any day. Although I'm HIGHLY impressed with M1T.

    How the heck to people have the internet but still have a hard time getting AAS?

  19. I'd say neutral for now. I know I'm far from my natural potential but I'm not putting anything out of the question right now

    N4cer - Most ppl I've talked with are just flat out scared, don't know where to get a source or don't trust a source...I guess its harder for some guys to get in the game than others...

  20. Quote Originally Posted by kmac6225
    N4cer - Most ppl I've talked with are just flat out scared, don't know where to get a source or don't trust a source...I guess its harder for some guys to get in the game than others...
    I am on my first ph cycle. I have been working out natural for about 9 years. I have to agree with kmac comments. I have a couple of friends at work that do gear on regular basis. I could get through them, but then everyone would know that I am on it. I guess I would be a closet gear head.
    I also am using ph/ps because they are legal right now. In a few months or a year down the road I might be turning to the darkside. Only if I can get them online or through people I dont deal with everyday.

  21. Neutral..


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