Madonna can be a strange bird.

  1. Madonna can be a strange bird.

    Can you say flexible? How about Kama Sutra?

    Here is the caption to the pic: "Singer and actress Madonna appears in one of the photographs in the current issue of 'W Magazine,' shot by photographer Steven Klein. The issue features a 44 page layout on Madonna. NO MAGS NO SALES REUTERS/Steven Klein/W Magazine/Handout "

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  2. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    Looks like yoga on acid

  3. I wonder if she can get the othr one up there.. Flexable

  4. God, I bet that comes in handy....

  5. Yoga indeed!

  6. have to say, I always liked Madonna's attitude.. can't act worth diddly****, songs are decent pop, but her gauge for what is just provocative and controversial enough (at least in the past) to keep her name and image in circulation is interesting to me


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