Well we finally got something started. Please feel free to check out and tell us what you think. Please relize that it is still under construction. Any suggestions will be welcomed. Looking forward to your commets and keep checking back every couple of days for updates..and if anyone knows of girls that would like to model for us, just shoot me an email.

  2. It's cool that you've got a site going. As a person who just got into jiu jitsu, I've been looking for good links and vids for this stuff. So, for me, a little of that would be something I'd be interested in seeing. Also, the color scheme is a little hard on my eyes. This is just one guy talking though . . .

  3. thanks for the input. I will definetly consider the change in color. and I am working on the other stuff that you mentioned. thanks again.

  4. Site looks good. But I agree on the color scheme.

  5. well, I guess that I will have to change the color scheme. after viewing it a couple of times, it does need to be changed. thanks again.



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