Howdi all

  1. Cool Howdi all

    Hi All, My name is Mess & i'm new member although i've been reading this in this forum and others for the last 9 months
    i just wanted to thank you all for a priceless information that helped me to take my first step IN THE DARK SIDE
    Hey WOT, i know you can read me, i can feel you, Thank you bro, I love you bro.
    I've been working out on & off since 6 years and dedicated since 18 months, currently i'm on my first cycle (third week) which is simple 500 mg of Test enanth. EW and 20mg Nolva/ed, Ya i'm a gyno pussi.. and i'll be doing clomid and nolva for PCT, working out 6 days/W, one muscle groupe every day with high intensity .
    my diet is about 3500 cal/ day with about 250 Gm of protien, i'm 6,1 , 240 lbs 20% BF , what i'm trying to achieve is about 20 pounds of LBM and 15% bf., Amin
    once i finish my cycle i'll post a befor and after pics,
    havent said that i'm preparing a personal trainer certificate from ACE.

    Cheers Bros & keep those muscles pumped

  2. welcome aboard
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  3. Welcome mate.

  4. good place to find yourself. Maybe we're all here for a reason......

  5. Thanks all ;-)


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