Anyone know of any good discussion boards on trading stocks?

  1. Anyone know of any good discussion boards on trading stocks?



  2. Probably not the answer you want but trust me on this. If you are taking advice about investing from message boards then you should probably not be investing.

    A better approach is to head to the library and read about investing and economics. There are different approaches/philosophies on investing. The most common would be "buy and hold" so if you like that, try

  3. lol that was not my intention at all.

  4. I want to make this very very clear I would never ever ever take advice from anyone on the internet about where to invest my money. Putting stuff in my body is another subject lol but not my money. I was more curious just to ease drop on what people are rambling about on the net. Sort of like bodybuilding . com I read for enjoyment rather than to educate.


  5. I trade professionally for a hedge fund and got my start in Equities[option volatility]. 99% of all stock chatrooms and BBS' are simply touting stocks they own or are shorting. Read as much as you can about "Efficient Market Hypothesis" [not an advocate] and realize that the majority of gains in the market are driven by the broad index. Stock picking shouldn't be the goal.

    Buy Investor's Business Daily and read it from cover to cover daily. It's like learning a second-language. Read, understanding comes later. Get the free trial to IBD, Reading the WSJ and IBD is how I got an interest in the market. Most of what is found in the journals isn't of interest to me now as I trade exotic options and swaps.

  6. I know what you are saying SeaHawk. I go for help on TA, reviews of trading platforms and general trading strategies... not for "hot" stock tips. Tech Analysis alwasy has been difficult for me.

    Try these, - new board.. little slow - only if you have an account...I used to use them.. will again when I start back up. - good links

    PITA crappy threaded yahoo boards -

    I am into options right now (paper trading) .... that's why alot of them are OP related.

    What are you into? I was doing great paper trading but I got to emotional when it came to the real thing. I am saving some risk capitol back up in an attempt to go at it again. I like swing trading and options. Once I am done with IT and go into Real Estate I will most likely day trade and play the gaps in the morning.

  7. Excellant posts thank you.


  8. BigSwede -

    What did you get your degree in? Where did you start and how did you get to where you are now?

    Sorry for the questions.. just want to make a career change but all that I have interviewed for is "Make 500 cold calls a day for 2 years"... not really what I want to be doing for the next 2 years, especially with a new daughter, but if the sacrifice will pay off in the end.

  9. And I loved IBD.. but I just couldn't find time to read it. I have a hard time reading the 4 page business section in the morning now....

  10. Yeah Jones they say to be a successful trader you have to take the emotion out of it.


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