It's a girl....

  1. Smile It's a girl....

    Just wanted to acknowledge the good job my wife did in the delivery room. This is my 3rd child, beautiful little girl by the way, and my second with my wife. I have another daughter with her. A son from before we met.
    Anyway, I gotta say she is one tough cookie. This time, like last she went through it all without an epidural (sp?) to kill the pain. She got something in the iv to basically keep her relaxed and thats it. The first time she at least had some local anethetic to the affected area...but not this time. what a trooper, she barely even cried out. Just a grunt here and there when pushing. amazing. Anyway, just happy to have everything go well again...the lord has blessed me so much....and praise my wife a bit.

  2. Congradulations...

  3. glad you shared it with us. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats!

  5. congrats

  6. Congrats enjoy

  7. Congrats Boomr!

  8. thats great man. Congratulations

  9. Congrats Boomr!


  11. congr. boomr

  12. Congrats!

  13. Congrats. But i do have to say this post is worthless w/o pics!!

  14. Congratulations

  15. Congrats! I know the feeling as my daughter is 14 weeks as of yesterday.


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