Loss of motivation

  1. Loss of motivation

    Lately I have had no motivation what so ever as to getting into the gym. My diet still stays in check but getting into the gym is hard for me I dont know why. I just came off a m1t/4-ad cycle. I followed proper pct. Any Ideas?

  2. longer cycles, seriously... did the trick for me
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  3. Take a week off.

  4. Could be related to anything. Time for some self analysis. What makes you happy, tick, unmotivated. Is it physical, mental, emotional? Is it you or someone around you? Imagine life like a quiver, and you are either putting arrows in it or taking them out. When it is time to do battle you need your quiver full. Figure out how you load yours up and load the weapon son!
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  5. Thanks James but that just doesnt seem to work for me.Motiv8er im guessing your the perfect person for this problem. I was reading maybe on this forum someone came off a cycle and just totally crashed couldnt get motivated ect.. I believe he said he picked up some dhea.

  6. I like the suggestion James gave. A week or two off after a cycle should be regularly followed advice. Also, make sure that during PCT you lower your level of training intensity.

    Maybe look into changing your routine up, add in different lifts, do a different split, pair up different body parts to work, find a partner to train with, etc. One thing that keeps me going are the many compliments I receive from people, and this board.

    We all fall into a bit of a lull at one time or another. We just need to make a change, or rediscover what it is that motivates us.

  7. Thanks Cuffs!! Like I said above taking a week or two off doesnt really work for me. I am changing a few things up though such as lifting routine & diet.

  8. ****...I need some help in this department, too. I'm ON and I still have no motivation. Crazy libido...yes, gaining size faster....yes, motivated...no <-- Maybe its the 1-Test????

  9. For me personally if I take a week off during PCT I will just keep taking time off for months.

    I agree longer LOW level cycles. Kwickmedo if you are gaining don't worry about the motivation I have actually found sometimes missing some workouts I ended up gaining more.

    Even my planned workouts are only an hour a week total. This past cycle I have had my best gains and am actually just prioritizing (read working just one body part a week) and doing a total of 30 minutes a week. I just workout at home and have not even been bothering to go to the gym

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  10. Yeah, I'm not too worried about the gains, its just that I miss having that kick-ass feeling in the gym And, I thought 500mg/wk of Test would help that a bit, but methinks the 600mg/wk 1-Test + lack of sleep == no motivation.

    I'm ****ing taking a nap when I get home from the gym tonight....

  11. Take a week off...and change your routine..Althought i never cycle nor would I...( I already lift more than some guys in my gym..LOL) Always helps to vary things.........try something new, or change up your music, change lifting times.......anytime....

    Just my 2 cents..


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