Now let's get this **** and kick his ass

  1. Now let's get this **** and kick his ass

    I am italian living in London and i expressed my sympathy to all the brits for this vile attack.

    Now let's get this **** and kick his ass

  2. I have to agree this is total BS...

  3. I hope they catch the *******s behind this and hang 'em. PM Blair should (and probably will) put the British Royal Marines on this. They are some bad motherf'ers.
  4. look at this...

    check this forum I tried to express my opininions and they did not allow me look current affairs

    i propose to register in mass and make the forum going mad....

  5. I say we don't... take the high road guys...

  6. its a tragedy. we'll win out. just bad that innocent people have to face these extremist, and their immoral and ridiculous acts. They'll get their due

  7. WTF happened guys? That link doesn't say...??


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