This is "Learning to Spell with Darnell." I be Darnell Jackson,and today we're gonna spell the word __________. Spell it with me now, ____________. Now let's use it in a sentence.

    "I asked this trick down on 6 Mile-How much? She said fortify dollars, honey."

    "The police came to my door looking for my cousin Melvin, I told them there ain't no place formaldehyde in the house, it be too small."

    "If I don't pay my alimony this month, I'll have more money foreclose."

    "My sister Wolanda bought a sweater with ten buttons on it, but her tits are so big, she can only fascinate."

    "My parole officer told me, if I miss disappointment, he's going to send me back to the big house."

    "A lot of you ladies been calling in wondering what Darnel look like. Well, he's tall, dark, handsome, not dimension hung like a horse."

    "Derange is where the deer and the antelope play."

    "My favorite girls are Wanda and Yolanda, but I like to keep a couple on decide."

    "At my basketball game the other night, I score a triple double and my coach said data boy Darnell."

    "I called 911 and an hour later when they showed up, I said copulate."

    "I says to my friend Ramone, man you really stink today, what connoisseur did you crawl out of?"

    "The judge said, one more outburst like that and I'll have the bailiff clear the coatroom."

    "When I came home late again, I found my clothesline on the porch."

    "I went to the Douglas/Hollyfield fight and sat next to Don King: man, someone oughta get that catacomb."

    "My girlfriend Juanita bought some leopard skin stretch pants. I said girl, you won't get you button 'em."

    "I asked the man at the employment office, is this beware I find me a job?"

    "The coach told my cousin Reggie he better start swinging the battery won't be in the line up tomorrow."

    "I always wondered what was in the Bagdad use to drink out of when he was sitting on the front porch."

    "On the way home from work, I always take assert so my old lady don't smell liquor on my breath."

    "The policeman told me and my friend Jerome they be looking for the two guys that held up the liquor store and we said---anus."

    "I wanted to buy a Cadillac, but then had to settle for afford."

  2. Actually Darnell is an old character. I got a kick out of "The Red Neck Dictionary" when I was watching Blue Collar TV with my son. That reminded me of old school Dranell Jackson.

    "The Red Neck Dictionary"

    Alright everyone composure self over here so we can get a family picture.

    The night my granddaddy was sick my ma and pa parade and parade that he would get well.

  3. Yes, it reminded me of Jeff Foxworhty. That tour of his and Larry the Cable guy are hilarious.

  4. The police officer informed me that I did have the right to remain silent. The problem was I did not possess the ability

  5. Never hear of of B5150, but that's some funny **** LMAO @ Disappointment: "My parole officer told me, if I miss disappointment, he's going to send me back to the big house."

  6. Good one


    My girlfriend told me that her old boyfriend didn't think much of her appearance. So to make her feel better about herself I said "honey...urinate in my book for sure!"

  7. Mayonaisse:
    Mayonaisse some funny ones in your first post

    My fat ass Girlfriend at a whole pizza by herself. Initiate a bag of chips, initiate a bowl of ice-cream.

  8. compared

    When at the plastic surgeon to get implants for my wife, the surgeon asked if we had any questions. I spoke up and asked did they compared or could I get them one at a time.


    My wife got up from the couch in the middle of the ball game. I said honey sensuous up would you get me a beer.


    My buddy Cletus thinks he got food poisoning from officiate.

  9. "Muh sister is covered in moles."

  10. parental:

    Whenever me and my sister go bowling we always need to get a parental shoes.

  11. discerning:

    Ireally don't like my job here at the sausage packing plant but I have to remember discerning me my drinking money.

  12. rapture:

    I can't recall anything about last night except that you rapture car around that telephone pole coming out of the bar's parking lot.

  13. infatuate:

    Lets break down your diet to see how much protein, carbs infatuate.

  14. catastrophe

    I entered my cat into a best ass contest. She brought home a catastrophe.


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