2005 has been a biotch for me so far..

  1. Angry 2005 has been a biotch for me so far..

    I got kinda owned by the 315lbs on my back during the last rep of my last set of squats last night. It was going great too, considering it was the first night I was going ass to heels with 3 plates/side since I'll usually just go slightly below parallel...

    Kind of lost balance due to fatigue while attempting to rack it and strained my lower back a bit.

    I finished the night with just isolation exercises on legs because my lower back wasn't feeling that great...

    Anyways, woke up with a stiff and painful lower back.. called in sick to work n went to the docs and he checked it out - said no disc problems(thank goodness..breath of releif!), just major muscle spasms.

    He gave me some Naprosyn (anti-I) but I really don't wanna take it..although it hurts to sit. I'm gonna read up a bit on it first and then decide if I should take it or maybe give some Tylenol a-go (even though I hate taking that as well, along with other 'script drugs..)

    Doc told me to take it easy for a week. This year has been fuked for me..beginning of the year, got owned by food poisoning, a couple month back got owned by the broken finger, and now this..

    It's like I'm being tested for my breaking point, like 'Ok, at what point will this guy just give up everything..' oh well, I just keep coming back stronger and more determined..

    The really sad thing was that before I headed to the gym yesterday, I was thinking to grab a belt from either Walmart or MuscleMag (both stores on the way to gym..) but then decided not to..I'm sure it would've helped had I got it.

    Anyways, just needed to vent/bitch..thanks for listening..

    BTW, I grabbed the damn belt from MM on the way back from the docs today

  2. That sucks. Last week I had some of the worst tension headaches ever. Hurt a little bit with squats and the next day on some incline presses I got the most painful throbbing in my head and didn't subside for a few days. Even today I had to take it very lightly because I could feel the pain tinges.

    Anyways, I would give some aspirin a go before taking your prescription meds (or even the Tylenol, it is a NSAID). Hope you recover.

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