Reverse Anorexia, who else has got it?

  1. Reverse Anorexia, who else has got it?

    I have this to the severest degree...never knew it has been studied. I'm not just talking about motivation, dedication, discipline, and striving to be fit. I'm talking about a distorted body image, and obsession with getting bigger. I've felt this way since I began lifting in mid highschool, now I'm about to graduate college, and I know this will be part of me for a long time.

    The study I stumbled across...

    A preliminary investigation into the relationship between anabolic-androgenic steroid use and the symptoms of reverse anorexia in both current and ex-users.
    Cole JC, Smith R, Halford JC, Wagstaff GF.
    Psychology Department, Liverpool University, L69 7ZA, Liverpool, UK.

    RATIONALE. To establish whether the symptoms of reverse anorexia continue with the cessation of anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) use in male body builders. OBJECTIVE. To determine whether current and ex-AAS-using body builders score higher on the modified (for reverse anorexia) eating disorders inventory (EDI) than both non-AAS-using body builders and regular aerobic exercisers. METHODS. A random sample of regular aerobic exercisers, current, ex-, and non-AAS-using body builders were recruited from four local gyms and a syringe exchange in the Merseyside area. A total of 137 male subjects with an average age of 29 years (range 17-49 years) were recruited. Fifty subjects were classed as aerobic exercisers, 39 subjects were classed as non-AAS-using body builders, 29 subjects were current AAS users and 19 subjects were ex-AAS users. All subjects undertook an anonymous questionnaire consisting of the modified EDI, the severity of dependence scale (SDS) for both exercising and AAS use, and questions about body weight, dieting, and substance use. RESULTS. AAS-using bodybuilders were striving towards an exaggerated mesomorphic physique. Both current and ex-AAS users had higher scores on all sections of the EDI than both groups of non-AAS users. There was a significant positive correlation between the SDS scores for AAS and scores on the EDI for current AAS users. CONCLUSIONS. AAS use, but not body building per se, was associated with increased symptoms of reverse anorexia, and this symptomatology was higher in those who had higher scores on the SDS for AAS. It remains to be determined whether symptoms of reverse anorexia are either a cause or an effect of AAS use.

    For the above, my guess is cause, but not *exclusively*. I'm sure many people here have healthy psychological states of mind and chose to do this based on competitive reasons, and reverse anorexia is not your reason. And I highly doubt AAS use can stimulate this if you are sound-minded to begin with. I of course do not fit into this category. If I took the EDI test I'm sure I'd score pretty high.

  2. Id like to see a sample of the questions... Lets not confuse reverse anorexia with dedication, motivation, and intensity. It seems there is a disease for everything these days. I will not ignore the fact that some people actually have this, but I think it is necessary to examine all facts and definitely the type of questions and how they are worded...

  3. yes , agree with wyd's reply , sounds too vague to me , lets see some sample questions and a score .

  4. I don't know about reverse anorexia. But, I am terribly dysmorphic.

  5. I think it was coined " Edonis Complex"

  6. all these names mean the same thing:

    Bigorexia, reverse anorexia, magorexia, body dysmorphia...oh yeah Adonis Complex (going along with what Jar said) 

    there are a couple other names but I cant think of them right now...
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  7. Originally posted by scotty2
    I am terribly dysmorphic.
    me too, X 100000 bro... learned to deal with it, just tryin to take it easy... not hard to fall into a body image rut since, as a bb you're always analyzing

  8. I am somewhat dysmorphic. I might look great to others (hopefully), but in my mind it might not be. Like Biggin said, "always analyzing."

    The one thing I did conquer was my public self image. I used to walk around like I was muscle bound, when I was 150 pounds. I just hope people forgot I did that.

    Off to work on my "inner" self image....

  9. Originally posted by Biggin

    me too, X 100000 bro... learned to deal with it, just tryin to take it easy... not hard to fall into a body image rut since, as a bb you're always analyzing
    Too late for me. I always feel like a little bitch, this is why I hate cutting. At 6'2", 253, I feel small.

  10. yeah, I hear ya... sucks feeling small... damn cutting...

  11. Originally posted by scotty2

    Too late for me. I always feel like a little bitch, this is why I hate cutting. At 6'2", 253, I feel small.
    EXACTLY. I'm not 6', and even if I knew 200 lb. and 8% would be good for my body type, that's not what i want. Hell, I know it wouldn't look good, but I wouldn't mind 250 and 15-20%!!! In my head I feel so small no matter what...and other people who are smaller look bigger to me, and I always feel smaller in my mind than other people perceive. Lifting is just what I do to look good, but it doesn't help with size...since you can't gain 20 lb. when lifting hard, especially if you're ectomorphic. (without help i mean )


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