What are you?

  1. What are you?

    This can be pretty damn funny!


  2. I am a ****ing Hot organ donor who loves to strok hot Bitches.

  3. LOL ****-Heavy Dragon who loves to Devour Hot Bitches... how true, how true... funny **** man, thanks for the laugh

  4. I am a very large behemoth who loves to infect bears ( like really like the large behemoth part )
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  5. I am a Monkey-Like Goddess who loves to Punish Hookers
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  6. I am a busty biscuit who loves to discover balls! hahahahah!! LMAO

  7. LMAO!!!

  8. It told me I am a monumental virgin who loves to punch trouser snakes.

  9. I'm a gigantic stud magnet who loves to dejuice hot bitches.

  10. I'm a slam-dancing dragon who loves to bake animals LOL

  11. A Toe sucking Porn star who loves to deflower werewolves

  12. Im a ****-heavy lobster who love to devour animals. WTF?? funny ****!



  13. i am a slam dancing chick magnet who loves to devour hooters

  14. ... testicular sea-captain who loves to fist**** Mexico...?!

  15. Originally posted by Biggin
    ... testicular sea-captain who loves to fist**** Mexico...?!
    ROFL, wtf does that mean?

  16. beats me?! or rather... beats Mexico, yuk yuk

  17. Mine is pretty close to the truth!
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  18. I am a pawslutty demon who loves to hump hot bitches.

  19. OMG pete that is awesome...funny as hell LMAO!!!!
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  20. i am a fox manwhore who likes to flick giant tits hahaha

  21. <img src="http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/attachment.php?s=&post****32550 ">
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  22. Im a diseased stompslut who loves to infect women!

  23. hmm... pawslutty... stompslut... wtf?! LOL this thing is too much fun

  24. I'm a foxy sausage link who loves to nuzzle sandwiches

    this **** is funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!



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