What do you love most about bodybuilding?

  1. Question What do you love most about bodybuilding?

    What do you like most about bodybuilding.

    For me, its pretty simple. In the NFL, the best reciever is Randy Moss, hands down. The thing I dont like about that is the fact that he is a punk and has a bad attitude toward the game. Remember when he ran over the construction worker, or when he left the field "after" a loss, before the game was over. You also have some other pro bowl players having lockouts with there contracts because 5 million a year isn't good enought for them. You cant tell me that most other pro athletes do it for the "love of the game" and not the money.

    You dont have any of that crap in bodybuilding. Sure there are a few "bad boys" like Greg Valentino, but hes not one of the elite bodybuilders. And no one bodybuilds for the money. Coleman made 120 grand at the last olympia, A-Rod makes about that EVERY GAME! ( he makes 90 grand a game to be exact).

  2. I like the fact that people can do this for a lifetime. I saw a guy last night on HBO 'Real Sports with bryant gumbel'

    The guy was 70 years(and had used steroids for 20 or 30 years) and looked great and healthy. That motivates me

  3. I love the extremes these guys prove the human body is capable of.

  4. I love the therapeutic side of it. No matter if your sad, depressed, angry, or worried in your life you can always go to the gym and relieve some tension. Something pisses you off, hit the weights and let it out. It's the only time in the day where I can truly be in my "zone" and think about nothing except those 300lbs hanging over my head. No paper work, exams, mad girlfriends, or worn out car tires to think about, and if they do stray into mind then it's all the more motivation. Its the only time when I can truly be by myself.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  5. Im not saying that guys in other sports dont work hard, but unless you have godlike genetics, you must work your ass off to get anywhere in the sport. It becomes a lifestyle, whereas pretty much every other sport you can go out partying often and not be as concerned with diet.

  6. the ruined social life...haha

  7. I love the competitive side of it, there's nothing like the feeling of being on stage with 300+ people cheering for you, it's great to know they truely appreciate and most understand what it takes to get up on that stage and compete. Thats my favorite part. I also love the level of commitment and willpower you must have to be successful in acheiving your goals. I literally have people come up to me almost everyday and tell me "you are crazy, I could never do that." I feel some people look up to me for what I do.

  8. Bulking diets.

    I love to eat, and have experimented with enough bodybuilding foods to find those that I really enjoy eating. Too bad I tend to overdo things a bit though and look like the michelin man when I finish a bulking phase...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Buc4Life04
    thats a dude
    /end triumph comic dog voice

  10. Quote Originally Posted by davisville64
    In the NFL, the best reciever is Randy Moss, hands down
    Bobo's going to ban you

    I like the personal challenge of setting goals and reaching them and the physical transformation that comes along with it. This lifestyle also teaches you that if you want something you gotta work your ass off for it and you gotta disciplined.

  11. Well I am extremely new to the whole lifestyle and just now I am gettting serious( no alcohol, weed, etc) to go along with my training and ever improving diet. I like it because you only have yourself to blame for failures. I also like watching my body grow and improve because I made it. It is a daily battle and only you can conquer it. I also like the bulks, I am a former linemen so I love getting big and strong.

  12. For me it's setting new records for myself and achieving overall physique goals. A close second is the stress relief it provides.

  13. the iron must never win lol

    Seriously though - I'm at a point where to just stop now would waste all the hard work, extra food consumption and sacrifices I've made over the last 5 years to get to where I am today - not that I'm anywhere near finished. To not lift weights and eat 6 meals a day would just feel wrong to me now - it's built into my being - I'm not strong enough and I could never let myself become any weaker than I am right now.
    I suppose its a bit messed up but I could be addicted to worse - like some of my jackass friends

  14. gaining 20 pounds in 2 days after a show best feeling in the world

  15. 20 lbs?? Good Lord.

  16. I'm not happy with being average.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. Ownage View Post
    the ruined social life...haha


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