Major Women Advice needed URGENT!!

  1. Major Women Advice needed URGENT!!

    ok, someone has to give me some insight on this because I am completely lost. Thoughout my life, I have discovered that women respond to attraction, not need. I usually am sucessful with women when I tease them, disagree with them, and put the situation in my control. However, I have found a flaw. Recently I met a gorgeous girl, I kid you not, borderline model status and she is 2 inches taller then me. I am 5 '8'' and decent looking I guess, no brad pitt. We went out for a drink, I played my cards right and we hooked up later at my house. Over the last few days, she calls me all the time. like 6 times a day. I answer the phone and when I tell her i'm busy, I will call her back in an hour, and I say it politiely to her, she gets angry and pissed. She gets mad when I ask her "how many drinks did you have" or anything involved with her personal life and says it is none of my business. But she loves attention and loves when I call her. I have to almost act needy to her to set off her attraction towards me, Its bizarre. She likes when I kiss her ass. She is a gemini if that has anything to do with it and I'm a cancer. We are completely different. She is a social butterfly and drinks 5 times a week and I basically only go out on the weekend. Is this girl a needle in a haystack or what? Please give me insight.

    Thanks alot.

  2. Needle in a haystack?

    Sounds more like a nutcase...

  3. Sounds like a typical chick without her head on straight.

  4. I agree with both of the above posts... Sorry bro, boot her bitch ass to the curb

  5. 6 calls a day is insane. The drinking 5 times a week shows this chick has some issues she needs to take care of.

  6. <clearing throat>

    First she drinks 5 times a week? WHY?? there really is no need unless she dosent want a liver left when she hits 40........

    And second, calling 6 times a day.......insane, and annoying....any girl that wants " you to kiss her ass" isent worth finding.......I say...she may be hot, but think of the headaches your going to have if you start anything serious with her.........

    Walk infact run and dont look back.....

    There are other girls out there that will want you for you, and enjoy you for who you are....really we are out there

  7. She sounds like a keeper

  8. RUN AWAY!!



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