Strip Search VH1 - Gyno?

  1. Strip Search VH1 - Gyno?

    Am I the only one to pick up on the gyno on this show?
    They've been running the show all the time and I can't
    help notice a more than a few of the guys have gyno.

  2. I thought I noticed some earlier today when I flipped by. I'd tell you which one it was...but they all look the same to me.

  3. Why are you guys really watching that show?

  4. I, for one, am a closet-homosexual, of course. Just don't tell my girlfriend. She'd be pissed.

    Actually, I watched it a little bit for the first few episodes 'cos Rachel Perry was in it a lot. Now, it's mostly half-naked dudes arguing or crying. I'll pass.

  5. mmmmmmmmm...... rachel perry.

    yea, but seriosuly, i would say maybe half the guys on that show have used before. one guy has some nipple puffines, but he's pretty lean so its not very noticable.

    wait nevermind, what i meant to say was I DON'T WATCH THAT SHOW....

  6. Not that anyone really cares but I lived down tha hall from Rick in college...

    So freakin' weird seeing him on TV.

  7. Chances are you guys are right, but I do think its pretty common for guys to have gyno without ever using Alot more common than people think...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Chances are you guys are right, but I do think its pretty common for guys to have gyno without ever using Alot more common than people think...
    Agreed. Although the degrees vary greatly; many of my friends have slightly puffy nipples that are noticible with a shirt off (insert gay comment here) but really can't be seen with a shirt on.

    I read once that a growing concern is the hormones excreted from women due to "the pill" get passed through the sewage plant filtration systems and into our drinking water. The more on "the pill", the worse the effect. How true this is, however, I have no idea.

  9. word - a godson of mine has pretty bad gyno...and believe me, he's never lifted anything heavier than a computer monitor. There's so much estrogen loose in the "normal" food supply that every couch-potato is at risk. Freakish eaters like us are less susceptible (lack of velveeta & mystery meat in our diets, among others), though.

  10. I've had puffy nips since I was 13 or so...I've got two brothers who do as well, one has bad gyno....well, lemme put it this way. 3/4 of us ended up with some form of gyno.

    Ha, ha...this is actually funny. Bro #1: zero gyno, #2 gyno in one nipple (puffiness), #3 (me) gyno in both nipples (puffiness) #4 bad, hard, gyno in both nipples. <-- I think we've covered about every case possible!

  11. Funny that you mention familial trends. Myself - pretty bad (exacerbated by fat too tho), my brother - one bad puffy nipple, one not so bad puffy nip, my older cousin - supposedly had it pretty bad (i could never tell) but was really lean, had surgery, youngest cousin - extremely lean with puffy nips.

    We all live in the same neighborhood. One of my neighbors has it REALLY bad, but hes fairly fat as well.


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