First Grappling contest in over 3 years

  1. First Grappling contest in over 3 years

    Well I didnt do TOO bad. I came out with a hurt right knee, a hurt left elbow, and 4th place. It was just a local comp but a rough one. I'm definitely in agreeance that open grappling is definitely harder than any other MA comps, all moves allowed just no punches and no kicks, crossfaces were allowed and so were Gi slaps. After a few more months of training I'll be back to compete again.

    anyone else here compete in any grappling events?

  2. I would like to try grappling. I think it would keep me in good shape.

  3. I just started taking classes. It's on base and you have to go by army standards, but it seems like pretty good stuff so far. Better than the typical crap they teach us, anyway. I go at night so it's pretty informal, just a few of us. A few of the guys know their **** and go outside of the regs.The "workout" aspect of it is pretty intense. I have a lot more to learn than I thought. Wrestling around with friends prepares your for this like backyard football prepares you for the NFL. It's something I plan on sticking with and possibly competing in down the road.

  4. yea I think only a few people actually know how intense grappling can be
    if you ever get the chance to come up to Denver check this place out as soon as my schedule gets back to normal I'm going to start training there again check out the team photos these guys are intense
    the classes you got going on in the Springs sounds cool I got my ass kicked so many times the first couple of years it wasnt funny, I hope you stick with it once you start getting the moves down its an incredible feeling

  5. It sounds great. If I can make time for it I will check it out.



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