Brief Introduction

  1. Smile Brief Introduction

    Just wanted to make an introduction. I have been a member for a short period of time, ~2 months. I figured it would be a little rude of me to just lurk in the shadows and make some post without doing so.

    37 yo. Lifting on & off for ~15 years, most of it not too seriously. Ex- abuser of various substances . More serious into the resistance training over the past 6 years but still not as knowledgeable as most appear on this board. I usually do a lot of cycling(bicycle) and that has impeded most of my attempts to gain LBM. End of last summer I couldn't keep the weight on & was struggling to maintain 150#, I am 5'8". I was ycling 3-5 X/wk 3 hours/day and eating ~3000-3500 kcals/ day mostly high CHO. After the summer I decided to cut the cardio and put on some lean mass. My previous max weight had been 175# back in 2001, BF% unknown but waist was ~35".

    I have a B.S. in Nutrition, but thermometers have degrees also and you know what they do with those. I am a Clinical Dietitian @ a Hospital, so I have some foundation in understanding of hypermetabolic conditions and their impact on nutrition. I am not as well versed re: weighttraining & nutrition but I am trying to remain teachable.

    Most impressed with overall knowledge base of members on the board, Bobo especially. I will do my best to support the board and not be an arrogant dickhead.

    Thanks for letting me participate.

  2. Good to have you here.

  3. Welcome, bro. Welcome.

  4. Welcome aboard

  5. Welcome to the board, and please don't be an arrogant dickhead or I will be forced to ban you

  6. welcome to the board

  7. Welcome dude! Glad to know a bit about you.


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