Which category to compete in first?

  1. Which category to compete in first?

    Hey, all! First and foremost, want to thank you for simply viewing this thread.

    Stats: 20 y/o, 6'2, 226 lb, bf ~14%, working out for 8 years, bodybuilding for 5.

    Okay, so I was just wondering what you guys think would be the best class for me to start in? I love the classic physique look, but from seeing pictures, and dudes from my gym, the ones competing in CP mainly all have pretty ****ty legs in my opinion (no disrespect to anyone here). Then on the other hand, I feel as if I compete in bodybuilding my upper body may not be on par with theirs? Or maybe I'm being a little delusional?

    Here's a pic of me post shoulder workout, so relatively cold and not pumped up too much
    Attached Images Attached Images

  2. That's because compared to you almost every one I've seen has ****ty legs....

  3. Classic physique, your legs are to strong to hide in board shorts. It's tough to judge by one pick but Im thinking if you bring up your upper body to match the legs you'd fit right in on that stage. Once again this is all judging by on pic so not 100% sure. Either way your in great shape to get started competing

  4. I guess you could really do either

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