Got to go to Olympia

  1. Got to go to Olympia

    Had a great time. Came back with a car full of goodies. Everyone was so nice. Here are some pics..

  2. Who the hell is that tattooed giant?

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    Martyn Ford. 5% Nutrition.

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  4. Great pics man!!!

    I have always heard that the Olympia is more laid back than say the Arnold. I went to the Arnold in 08 (first and last time) and OMG it was insane
    Whatcha Gonna Do....When Manimal-Mania RUNS WILD...ON YOUUUU?

  5. Bradley Martyn. Nice. I saw him at the Arnold.
    "At the water's edge, I bowed my head to drink, only to drown.
    Retrace, then return. Time won't take us back.""

  6. Awesome was there too. It was cool seeing some of those guys/girls there.

  7. Lucky


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