1. Dumbbells

    I'm trying to figure out the best path rubber handle adjustable dumbbell or a steel one. Both are not as good as a solid dumbbell but it's alot of money for a set. I need a durable solution for when I am doing dumbbell bench and I toss them down they need to not break. 3ee32063-5e3d-4e11-9868-f2f67e034a21_1.0fe66d23e695c832be3e243a95e441f4.jpeg

  2. Don't buy anything adjustable.... I think you can still find rubber type plates for the bars in your pics

  3. WHy not get Olympic ones? That way you don't have to get another set of weight plates.

  4. I bought a set of 18 inch standard handles from New York barbell. Now I have enough room to increase to 120 pounds. Solid dumbbells are just to much money

  5. Steel grip adjustable dumbells are my choice. Those with rubber coated grips just wear off on your hands IME. Still have to change the weights a lot during workouts due to only having one set but would recommend getting two sets to make the task swifter.

  6. Ironmaster for the win.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    Ironmaster for the win.

    They're awesome especially if you're limited on space.


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