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    Just wondering where everyone gets theirs from. Mine is probally not looking like i used to. I was all cubby and not very muscular. how about you guys?

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    I remember sometime in 1996, Muscular Developement published an article in their magazine called, "50 Tips To A Good Diet". One of the tips was to tape a picture of a very obese person (man or woman) in a bikini or swim trunks on the refrigerator to prevent you from eating like a pig. But I took it one step further. I taped a pic of myself wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and I looked liked super ****.

    It worked. I trained hard and went from a lard body to a hard body.
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  3. Steve A.
    Brian M.
    Jesus C.
    Jordan F.
    Duane F.
    Matt P.
    Layne N.

    ... just to name a few people.

  4. My self confidence and success with the ladies has gone WAY up since I started lifting. It is also nice to be able to handle heavy loads and everyday tasks without much effort that most struggle with. I also like being able to defend myself and girlfriends, not to mention seeing the weights go up each week and knowing that I am a healthy person.

    I really can't think of any negatives that have come out of BB for me.

  5. I get a lot of motivation from AM, as well as a few other boards. The info shared around here can definitely help in that area! And naked women...



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