Just my luck.

  1. Just my luck.

    So I'm new around here and Not very well known. But about 4 months ago I started to get back into shape. I went from 230lbs. I'm currently at 215. I was recomping very well adding muscle and loosing fat slowly but surely. Well just as my luck would have it I broke my leg last last Wednesday night falling off a ladder. I also destroyed my phone in the fall. I'm just real pissed right now with my situation and I guess I'm just looking for some motivation and advice on recovery. Access to the forum is limited at the moment due to phone being broke but I'll be checking in when possible.

  2. You are definitely not alone. Injuries can be extremely frustrating, but the best bet is to always give things enough time to heal properly and then keep going, which I know is easier said than done. Life is always going to throw things at you to mess with your confidence and get in the way of training. There are injuries, deaths, divorces, work or family taking up all of your time, just plain old bad days, etc. Ben (bdcc on here) from PES has made some great videos of his own setbacks and I'll list a few here.


    I think if you search around you'll find a lot of other similar stories of people experiencing injuries that prevent them from training, but there is always a way to come back. Try and look at the bigger picture of your goals and see that this is just a temporary speedbump that you'll get through. Again, my advice would be to listen to your physician and let everything heal properly and then slowly get back into the swing of things. If you can find a way to work your upper body, great, but don't push it too hard to the point that you're risking further injury.
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