B5150 turns ..........

  1. B5150 turns ..........

    The big FOUR-OH tomorrow

    Happy early B-day Bri. I hope that you set aside your dieting for some cake and ice-cream and some pasta big...err...little man

  2. Brian, Happy Birthday! (tomorrow)

    40, eh? It is nice to know there is someone here who is a few years older than I am.

  3. Well...I was waiting until the Big Day, but Happy pre-Birthday dude! I'm barking at your heals. Have a great birthday weekend, and take care.

  4. Happy Bday you old bastard

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LCSULLA
    Happy Bday you old bastard

    Yeah...what he said. May have to send some Viagra and Cialis to your house old man

  6. I'm right behind you at 39. But don't worry, we're not old yet! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy 40th. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  8. Happy B-Day bro, Hope the Yankees can give you something to cheer about

  9. Brian you are giving me much support and encouragement, thank you man. Go out and have some fun tonight. Knock over a Baskin Robbin by consuming all 31 flavors then go back for your favs 'cause you can today!!!

    Thank you so much man.
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  10. happy birthday brother...

  11. Happy Birthday B5150! ......

    Have a good one

  12. Happy B-DAY

  13. This is a special one, enjoy it.

    Happy B-day

  14. Happy Birthday man! You're a great guy and deserve a great birthday!

  15. I think if I'm not mistaken he celebrated yesterday a bit early. I caught him this morning right before a workout, said he ate like a glutton last night and today he looks like SJA's Mom

  16. Quote Originally Posted by TheUnlikelyToad
    I think if I'm not mistaken he celebrated yesterday a bit early. I caught him this morning right before a workout, said he ate like a glutton last night and today he looks like SJA's Mom

    You mean he's down to 95 pounds??

  17. I hope today is a day of joy & renewal for you, brother - 40's a milestone, and you've achieved a lot in your rise. I hope this marks a new era of strength & fulfillment & forgiveness for you. I hope this is your best year ever!

    Happy birthday, Brian - my respect!

  18. Wow!!!

    Very nice and very touching well wishes from so many.

    I am going to have make this quick. Believe it or not, it is 6:30AM, and if I don't get into the garage to get my workout in...the window shuts down real quick. My daughter is on to my strategy. So sleeping in on the weekends (6:30 is sleeping in big time for me) is becoming a thing of the past. I'll be having my usual AM routine and a tiny little angel walks up to me and says "Hi Dad". Well if you know what the AM routine is like (loud music, IN-andogens, E/C, ALCAR,Tyrosine, etc...much focus and aggression) there is no room for the patient gentleness that a 3 year old angel deserves. She kind of cramps the style...in a good way


    You guys really kicked my ass with these well wishes. I could go on and on about my celebrating of my birthday but I won't. Suffice is to say...food was a central part of it. Now I have about an extra 10lbs of water and glycogen to support the anabolic state for the next 3-4 weeks of this cut of mine.

    Steve...thank you for the early announcement.

    Thank you all. 40 has been the best by far!!!

  19. Yeah, sorry it took your B-day for us all to tell you how we felt!
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  20. DUDE! Happy belated B-Day! Hope it was good.

  21. Just saw this. Happy B-Day B5150. I hope it was a good one. Keep getting better with each year

  22. Awesome, Brian!

    You have acheived so much and have set a shining example for us all. Its your birthday, but we have been given great things through you, my freind.

  23. Sorry for the lateness of this but Happy Belated B-Day. Sounds like 40 isn't all that bad

  24. Thanks for the belated ones as well.

    Seriously...thank you.

    Your embracing of me and my candor has been such a blessing to me. The world is full of so many people and so very often we never come close to touching one another. Ironically it can and does here. "There's no place like home".

  25. happy b day man!


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