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  1. Unbreakable
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    "It's obvious we had an E-11 situation"
    Within your darkest memories lies the answer if you dare to find it. Don't let hope become a memory. When you think all is forsaken, listen to me now; you need never feel broken again. Sometimes darkness can show you the light.

  2. "You know you can't bring that weak-ass stuff up in this umpty-bumpty. You kill the joe, you make some mo. BIATTCH!!"


  3. "I ain't got time for pain. The only pain I got time for, is the pain I put on fools who don't know what time it is!"

  4. This is quite possibly the funniest thing ever.

  5. I knew you guys would appreciate this. There are more here

  6. truly ingenious ways to increase office productivity! thanks wino!

  7. Holy **** that was funny! "I told you that you that you have to have a cover sheet with the TPS reports, MOTHA****A!!!! Bwhahahahahahaha


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