Insomnia, Diphenhydramine, Dr.D....

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    Insomnia, Diphenhydramine, Dr.D....

    Hey guys, I just realized in my shelves was Diphenhydramine, the active to Tylenol PM that makes you sleepy! I was wondering if anyone has tried this and what do you think of it. On the label it says IV or IM.....I was thinking about using it IM to practive when I get on the juice and because in IV I don't want to fall asleep so quickly as to have a syringe in my arm!!!!!!! The item is Diphenhydramine HCL, please let me know what you guys think and Dr.D please chime in if you see this! Also what size needle and syringe would I need? Could I use a slin pin? Would I need to change the pin after withdrawal? Thanks guys! I have bad insomnia! It is 7AM and I didn't get a week of sleep! I could stay up 3 days VERY EASILY without a thought at any time so it sucks. Thanks for any and all input guys, take care!

  2. I love tylenol pm.........but to be honest I take 3, not the recomended dose......I get very stressed ( not like you , I could never stay up 3 days with no sleep)....As for the needle and things...No idea..... but good luck And cool new avatar..........

    Where has maniak nena been???

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    Thanks WG....she is in PR (Puerto Rico) on vacation visiting her daddy! I hope to pop in and join her in a month as I have never been to PR and want to see where my ancestors are from! I will tell her to post as I just got off of AIM with her! TTYL, o and if anybody has tips with the insomnia please let me know, thanks!

  4. I've used the stuff plenty of times. Not the injectable version you have. Just becareful not to take to much. I took a little too much one night and hallucinated slightly. Then the next morning I felt like ****.

  5. here's the straight **** with injectable benedryl (which is what you have)

    (pharmacy is a huge part of my job so please believe me )

    however you got that drug is not of concern to me, I will just tell you how to use it.

    diphenhydramine HCL is an H1 receptor agonist, making it an anti-histimine, used in treatment of various allergic reactions. It is also an anti-choinergic, which means that if you take enough of it, it will make your heart pound, and get very hyper, and make you even more of an insomniac .

    if your solution is 25mg/ml then use 2ml, if it is 50mg/ml use 1ml...the goal is to get 50mg in your system

    Bottom line: take a 23 gauge x 1 to 1.25 inch needle with a 3-5cc syringe (21 gauge is also fine). be sure to wipe the top of the vial with an alcohol wipe, and draw out the desired amount (start with 25mg and if in 15 minutes you are not sleepy do another 25mg...but no more). wipe off you desired injection site on your body with a alcohol wipe. push the needle through your flesh until you can only see about 1/8 on an inch of the needle then pull on the plunger to see that you do not get any blood (you probably wont... I have given about 700 or so shots and I have never gotten blood)..if no blood then pushthe liquid in over a time of about 2 seconds...gotta be quick or else it will really hurt...

    hope this helps...later...good luck....
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    Wow thanks a lot Life Guard! Great Post ! So do not take more than a 50mgs per dose as it can make me more of an insoMANIAK! Do I need to change the needle once I am done withdrawing, or is it ok to leave it on? Do I withdraw the contents upside down just as I would a bottle of gear? I also saw you said to push the plunger in quick after aspirating, I thought injections should be slow (or is that only with gear)? Thanks bro, as I have never injected into myself and this is new territory! Thank you so much for putting out the info out their as it is a great help to myself and possibly others! O, and in regards to obtaining such a chemical, great benefits of working in a hospital!

  7. Just buy some oral benedryl man, its cheap stuff, it'll work the same just will take a little longer to kick in. If you really want a good knock out get some clonidine, great for sleep and makes you release lots of GH.


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