what was your first BB forum??

  1. what was your first BB forum??

    I think mine was meso or EF..(stfu, it was actuually ok at one point)


    edit: im actually about to post at EF just to see when my reg date was...

    [email protected] yohimburn (first batch ...used it)

  2. Gotfina.com.

    Mann I miss that board.

  3. None other than bb.com

  4. home sweet home. first place i ever registered
  5. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    BB.com.....but AM was the next stop and I have called it home ever since!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MaNiaK1027
    BB.com.....but AM was the next stop and I have called it home ever since!
    Haha same here.

  7. Sigh....... JohnStoneFitness. Embarrasing looking back at those days now.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MaNiaK1027
    BB.com.....but AM was the next stop and I have called it home ever since!
    I think a lot of us are guilty of this. I was around 17 when I found BB.com. Not to worry, I never posted any "Can creatine replace protein" or "Will my penis shrink If I lift weights" questions.

  9. Anabolic review.

  10. Here, and not planning on going anywhere else unless I get the boot hehe.

  11. 1fast400 forum. Its a cool forum. This is my second forum.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Sticks
    Anabolic review.
    I also enjoy that site quite a bit. I keep things now limited to 3. Here, IronForLife, and AR. Pretty much the only boards that I know of that are run well and contain alot of useful information.

  13. EF was mine

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Sticks
    Anabolic review.
    Yep, used to post there a lot. But anabolicminds is my new home.

  15. Usenet - misc.fitness.weights

    Okay, not a "web forum", but an established on-line community, and definitely a body-building forum (tho mostly given to powerlifters & flame-warriors these days); started reading it more than 10 years ago & posting nearly 10 years ago.

    MFW alumni include Patrick Arnold, Bruce Kneller, Dan Duchaine, Bill Roberts, Lyle McDonald & Elzi Volk (I first ran into Lyle & Elzi (and Dan) on the lowcarb-l mailing list before they moved to MFW) - and, of course, the famous Mistress Krista.

    Trygve Lode runs the MFW webpage, in case anyone cares.

    An mfw post lead me to Bulk Nutrition as a possible alternative for Beyond-A-Century; skimming the forum there, I found links to Avant Labs & AnabolicMinds, and I've been here ever since (with forays to Avant from time to time).
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  16. Sad to say it was BB.com for me. Took me about a week to realize that there were MAYBE ten people on that site that knew their elbow from their ******* but I still keep my journal there. I like AM but the downside of this site is people can be real dicks sometimes.

  17. well, people EVERYWHERE can be dicks sometimes - not really a problem w/ AM at all. Then, too, old-timers & regulars often seem like dicks in the eyes of newcomers; personally, I think the dickhead quotient here is quite low, comparatively.

    Welcome to the board!

  18. Actually, I should take back the comment about people being dicks. It seems like there are alot of new people visiting this site since SD went mainstream(myself included) and we all seem to be asking the exact same questions. I can understand why some of the long time members here are probably tired of seeing the same threads over and over.

  19. Heavyweights.net, 1fast400, Intensemuscle.com, now here. I like to expand my oportunites.

  20. I don't remember if it was here or AR, but definately one of the two.

  21. Nobody ever go to musclechemistry? Started there, read at bb.com and anabolicreview, then settled here. I used to go read at bb.com instead of signing up for one of those Joke-of-the-day mailing lists.

  22. bb.com. This forum is fantastic too


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