SO...What did you think of the new Star Wars??

  1. SO...What did you think of the new Star Wars??

    I ****in' loved it!! Holy crap what a great flick. Hayden Christensen's acting was MUCH improved in this one, so was the dialog. Practically non-stop action from start to finish.

    The first movie I was kind of diappointed with, but thought it was OK. (JarJar Binks nearly ruined it)

    The second one was a huge improvement, but still left me feeling that it could have been better...

    This one kicks total ass...only thing I would have changed: (spoiler here...)

    I would have made the scene where they're reconstructing Vader a little more sophisticated - the droids just kind of plugged his parts in and turned him on. I mean, in Empire luke was in a hydrostatic tank for a week before he regained consciousness. I mean, Anakin Skywalker was...

    ...Aw hell, Im not gonna ruin it for ya


  2. if i didnt watch the first two star wars, i will be able to understand the third movie?

  3. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    NO! Got watch the first two Star Wars, you will have a greater appreciation for the 3rd episode! O and Big V....I understand about the reconstruction of Vader...but remember there wasn't much regerating needing to be done as there was with Luke, if you know what I mean....a lot less to work with!

  4. You have a good point Maniak. I guess droid and human parts in that universe are kind of interchangeable I didnt think it detracted from the movie at all...

    Honestly, it was one of the best movies I've ever seen...I was almost cryin' it was so good - its so rare that you have such high expectations for a film and they're actually exceeded.

    massbuilder - you have to see the 1st two, for sure. Also the last 3 if you havent already!


  5. The storyline was much more interesting and well put together than the first 2... but the dialogue and acting were still terrible.

  6. I loved it. Agree with everything BigVrunga said except for the dialogue part. There were still some places the dialogue could have been improved. Didn't detract too much from the movie overall though. It definitely did bring out a few more emotions for me than usual.

  7. It was a great movie. I dont agree that it was the best movie ever or anything (this is saved for lord of the rings, DUH!). But it was a great watch. I had heard it was to be much better than his last two which were not to great, second one had a nice ending fights scenes, but that was about it. Watching the movie makes me ready to watch the original three (still the best ones) to see vadar get whooped on.

  8. Yeah, I really like how it really sets you up to watch the original ones.

    I guess the dialog was a little weak during the love scenes - but the rest of the film was so intense you quickly forgot about it.

    The original 3 are *still* the best, IMO. But this one ranks right up there with them.


  9. I was pretty happy with it. I thought Lucas did a great job with the lava scene and it was pretty gruespme. The only part that was kind of hokey was vader's "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. .." kinda made him less of a Dark Scary Sith Lord into Dark Pansy Sith Lord. But props to the movie. I was happy where it ended and I agree you could quite easily watch all of them in a row. Nice job!


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