season finale smallville

  1. Thumbs up season finale smallville

    yeah yeah, i watch smallville religiously. what else can i say? ended pretty decent, the usual cliffhanger season finale.

    anyhoo, any of ya'll catch the 10 minute preview of batman begins after the smallville episode? looks pretty damn good. then again, so did the hulk on previews.

  2. I saw a decent trailer for it at the Star Wars opener tonight...looks really good.

  3. I'm hoping they finally let Superman be Superman because I'm getting a little tired of the BS on that show. Looks like he gets to create the Fortress of Solitude so maybe things will finally get a little more..superhero-ey.

    Lana Lane must be mine! Crazy hot.

    Batman Begins looks even better than I had previously thought. Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman..looks badass. That car is f'ing cool and very original. It seems they've gone a little more the way of the Dark Knight novels and away from the comic book visions. I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Yes! I'm with Beelzebub; if it's Wednesday night, everybody who knows me knows I am completely unavailable for any reason (nuclear disaster, War of the Worlds holocaust, whatever) between 7 and 8. I think it ended pretty well, and I'm both very excited about the upcoming season where he hopefully finally starts to become Supes and the Batman Begins movie. Can you believe somebody actually wrote the script for the previous Batman flicks (Michael Keaton's not withstanding; the film which, IMO, had the best Batmobile of all time), showed it to millionaire execs, and they all agreed that what they had were winners?

  5. val kilmer as batman was a horrible mistake. pretty much after the original batman with keaton it all went to ****. even his batman returns was doofy.

    crowned one, glad i'm not alone.

    bio, yeah, looks like superman is finally about to take the plunge. and lex is looking more and more evil by the day.

  6. Smallville was awesome, I just hate the cliffhanger endings though!
    I wonder who's going to come outta the ship..
    No offence Bio, but I can't stand Lana in this series.. now Chloe's a different story Funny thing is I prefer brunettes over blondes but it's the total opposite here!


    The BB movie looks wicked from the previews, just a couple things that I could live without:

    -the cowl makes his head look bulbous (scene in Arkham when he's running/jogging) I preferred Keaton's cowl better
    -the part where he says 'excuse me' to the inmates after blowing the wall down..totally reminded me of "I'll get drivethrough" from Forever, on a smaller scale though.

    Other than that, looks great - I finally got used to the batsuit and think it looks pretty cool, even though it looks too 'robotic', same with the batmobile..although Keaton's batmobile owned all. Also the fact that this version of the Batman movie actually follows the real storyline (except set in modern times) is also great.

    Definately gonna see this one on the big screen..

  7. I am so out of the loop on was one of the only three shows I watched and then I literally stopped watching TV for almost a year because I was working so much...

    I occassionally catch re-runs on ABC Family, but I need to get the DVDs or something to know whats going on. yes, I am a dork...and I heart Lana.

  8. I just want Lana cause she's freaky beautiful. She's a horrific actress though..blah. If you saw here in that sci-fi channel show she was depth, coasts on her looks..but I don't mind.

    Yeah, Chloe would be my girlfriend. She's cool and I bet she's a dirty girl. lmao.

    They had better stop dicking around and make Lexx evil as ****. He's finally showing some promise but his dad was just so good at being evil it'll be hard to replace him.

  9. How dare you speak about my Lana like that.

    To the death we must fight!!

    Seriously...her acting does suck but she just has "it", at least for me.

  10. Did they kill of Lex's dad? I thought I saw that a while back, but I was not sure and did not want to spoil the story for myself.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by custom
    Did they kill of Lex's dad? I thought I saw that a while back, but I was not sure and did not want to spoil the story for myself.
    No. Don't worry, won't spoil the rest for ya


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