If you could look like any bodybuilder

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  1. If you could look like any bodybuilder

    If you could look like any bodybuilder past or present who would it be?
    I would like to look like Bob Paris when he was in his prime.

  2. Not really wanting to look like a hardcore bodybuilder. I'd rather have the muscular, lean look of someone like Bradley Tomberlin (frequently on the cover of Men's Health, and a former pro volleyball champ).

  3. frank zane

  4. Serge Nubret

  5. Bob paris had something about the lines.
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  6. Serge Nubret.

  7. I would definitely be content with this physique:
    [img]http://anabolicminds.com/forum/attachment.php?attachment****97 87[/img]

  8. Not a body builder but this is the physique i would love. Thick as hell.

  9. i'd have to say arnold. yup, no originality here.

  10. Rich Gaspari, same height as me, unparelled ripness for that weight.
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  11. Not going for an all out BB look either buuut if it were magically bestowed on me, Frank Zane would be a top choice. I have small joints, wrists and ankles so that's more my phenotype.

    Of course Arnold circa '77 would be pretty sweet. Farigno if I wanted to scare people for a living.

  12. Dorian (pre biceps tear) or Aaron Baker.

  13. frank zane in his prime.

    with much respect to lou ferrigno for setting such a great example of continued fitness to us middle-agers.

  14. Sergio Olivia

    (Frank Zane and Nubret get an honorable mention)

  15. I'd look like Grassroots

    ok... Frank Zane gets me top spot

  16. Probably Dexter Jackson. Arnold was a good choice also b/c I have a little bit more respect for taller bodybuilders.

    Hell I'd take any pro physqiue...

  17. Dexter Jackson, only white. No doubt. His abs are nuts.

    someone here had this pic as their avatar:

  18. Dorian or Jay Cutler

  19. I'd go for something like Mentzer, Arnold, Katz, or Ferrigno. I like the old school physiques. Actually, my optimum (for what my body COULD look like) would be Dave Draper.

  20. I like arnold... he just had so much presence.

  21. Emeric Delcig(sp?)

  22. I'd also like to look like Sergio olivia...dude had size, but not too much.

  23. Marvin Eder (drug free) or Casey Viator. But these guys were Strong as hell as well
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  24. Arnold in his prime or Pudz (Mariuz Pudzianowski, WSM)

    Dream bod would be ahnald's with pudz's strength


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