off to cali.

  1. off to cali.

    well bros, im off to cali. Not to sure why i chose this time of year. i guess my maybe cause my job said use your vaction or loose it.
    anyone form there? What are some good places to see or things to do?
    i will be staying in venice.
    thanks bro

  2. Is Muscle Beach in venice? well, there's a start for places to visit if so...hheh

  3. The board walk is great!

  4. IN-and-OUT burger baby. (ha) Im west coast (seattle) however dont know too much bout cali-cali. But shoot, in and out and fatburger is essential aint it? Sage

  5. oh man...In-n-out (one about 5 blocks from my house ), fatburger..umm...I am not much help for sights to see cuz I just stay here in my boring little town

    There are many night-clubs (if thats your thing) around venice..
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  6. SWEET, thanks, i think we're gonna drive up to beverly hills and mingle with the rich folk, that should be fun!!!!! my ****in texas ass!!!
    later bro's

  7. Have fun man. Sounds good.


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