Urine testing questions

  1. Urine testing questions

    Not sure that this is the right place for this question, but I'm hoping for some input. Trying to get life insurance and went through the original blood and urine testing. They've now called back and told me they need more urine, to be given on two consecutive days. Of course they will give absolutely no reason why.

    I'm mystified by this, I've never done rec. drugs and my last AAS usage was this time last year so I doubt its anything to do with this. Anyone know anything about urine testing protocols have any input on this? I was under the assumption if testing for a particular substance it was a one shot deal, not spread over two days. Anyone know of what kind of testing needs two consecutive days worth of testing?

    I realize this isn't alot of information but I'm completely mystified by this one.

  2. could have been anything.. but I would bet on something like high glucose levels in the urine if was for insurance.. and they are just ruling that out..

  3. Also, if you're a drinker, a high liver enzyme count could have been detected, which is also what they look at for heart problems. Hell, they may have spilled your original sample and needed another one pronto.

  4. Thanks for the replies, I guess upon thinking about it speculating is so much farting in the wind. I don't drink so I doubt that its. Completely setting aside the insurance, I was more concerned right off the hop that it may be for something that I needed to see my own doctor about.

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