Cradle 2 the Grave

  1. Cradle 2 the Grave

    i went and saw Cradle 2 the Grave last night and it was a great movie... tons of action and a small scene with a bunch of mma stars... if you are a fan of action movies and can tolerate the odd cheese ball line u will love it.

  2. Thinking about checking it out, even if it means I have to be social. I liked Belly, didnt think much of Exit Wounds, but the soundtrack is the **** to this movie....

  3. YJ - no need to be social, centropy already released a pretty nasty SVCD TS****10899

  4. bah... i thought belly was trash and liked exit wounds. i think this movie was kinda like exit wounds except that jet li is actually a martial artist unlike that fat bastard steven segal

  5. i cannot connect to mirc for some reason... i have tried like 100 different servers on the list

    if you can't find it on the net, it is worth going out to see if for nothing else except to see tito ortiz knock the **** outa chuck liddel in the movie before he gets to do it for real.

  6. jet li's cool, I don't really care for the predominance of cables and **** in his fight scenes though... we all know he can actually fight, why not do that instead of use obvious harnesses which for me, detract from the quality of the ****... steven seagal is the real deal as well, though no arguing he IS old and fat

  7. segal has nuthin now... maybe long ago he was good but now he would have his ass handed to him by carrot top

  8. belly= trash and exit wounds= good? LOL
    exit wounds, romeo must die, cradle to the grave. all directed by the same guy and pretty much the same movie. Not great movies, but enjoyable to watch. Belly was an awesome movie, esp the guy who loved to eat bananas with the glasses.

  9. Belly was kickass... was very pleasantly surprised when I rented it awhile back... nicely done film really

  10. belly was nice, exit wounds was ok, romeo must die was better, aaliyah was in it, she was so beautiful, R.I.P.
    Cradle 2 the grave must be nice. I like how they added fourwheelers to it as in the states u barely see anyone in the streets with these. Over here you see tons in the streets, u can find hooked up ones with rims hehe. anyway cant wait to see that movie!

  11. Originally posted by Biggin
    Belly was kickass... was very pleasantly surprised when I rented it awhile back... nicely done film really
    Nas should do more acting IMO.

  12. Originally posted by YellowJacket

    Nas should do more acting IMO.
    Yea, he should, he was great in belly.

  13. DMX comes up with wonderful names.. cradle to the grave, half past dead...

  14. lol... jackass

    ja rule is in half past dead not dmx.

  15. I'll see it just for fun....

  16. and that is exactly what it is for... it won't be winning any academy awards, but it sure as hell was fun to watch... i almost wanna go see it again

  17. who cares if they didnt win any awards, they just want their money, its #1 in the USA right now so screw the awards!

  18. i agree... have you noticed that most award winners are the ones that require u to have feelings and ****? so, i don't much like em


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