Pink shirt thread?

  1. Pink shirt thread?

    Where is that pink shirt thread? I wanted to show someone the link that was posted in there about who "you don't want to be" was funny, had a dude in a pink polo with a sideways het and stuff.

    anyone know what that link was?

  2. that thread was deleted. i am guessing because it was nothing but everyone calling me a douche and me calling people that wore tight pink shirts gay. and i bet this thread will be deleted too. that thread was funny though.

  3. lol yeah it was funny....but before this gets deleted someone post that link cuz that **** was funny too....

  4. no one can post the link cuz it was deleted dude. the thread is gone. it does not exist.

  5. Post it, I wanna see.

  6. yeah i want to see who i don't want to be too.

    lmao @ pink shirts

  7. I don't mean a link to the thread...there was a link INSIDE the thread that someone posted as a response to wearing pink shirts. So someone has to know what the link was. It was a picture of some dude at a party i guess in a pink polo shirt, with arrows pointing to different parts of his outfit and funny comments and ****..

  8. I guess it's safe to post the link, I found it in my history. It's funny, as long as it doesn't degenerate into another thread with everyone trashing each other. If not, mods please edit or delete:

  9. hahah ok mission accomplished...feel free to delete. That link is funny.

    yeah no opinions on whether you like the idea or not either..was justt looking for that link.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by intv
    I emailed it to my friend before it gets deleted, . Subject of the email : "Douchebag"

  11. hahahahahahah, that is sooooo ****en funny dude

  12. **** i didnt think anyone had a camra that night. ha ha.
    that guy is why the rest of us get **** for rockin pink.
    if you cant pull it off ,dont put it on.

  13. I think more traditional femine colors look good only on very masculine dudes. It kinda evens things out. When your real skinny with the cocky prep look, I dont think it works.

  14. FYI - I rocked my pink dress shirt to work only pink shirt i own..and i wear it

  15. thats what im sceamin!

  16. i got this lavender dress shirt I where to work.

  17. Do you think I could pull off pastel BDUs?

    Probably not...

  18. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    Post it, I wanna see.
    Look who's alive, welcome back, ****er!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by DmitryWI
    Look who's alive, welcome back, ****er!
    Yeah I'm a bitch . I owe you bro, PM me if you still wanna do business.

  20. I didnt see the first thread, but I feel the compeling need to express my feelings about this guy Oliver in the picture. To put it bluntly, he embraces everything I would ever consider "douchebag" in a single picture. I have a feeling many of you agree.

  21. he could be a really cool kid tho. cant judge a book by its douchebag covor.


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