Canadians post here

  1. Canadians post here

    I wanted to know about some products, where you guys buy your stuff in canada unless you get all your supplements online but still. If you could post I'd appreciate it.

  2. What's this all aboot, eh?

    I get my protein from a local shop and order everything else from

  3. This really sounding like you are asking for a source, IMO.. care to clarify?

  4. lol no I'm not asking for a source although I can see where you get that impression from reading it over again.

  5. I buy all my stuff from BulkNutrition these days...

    Anything that I can't import, like ALCAR, I drive across the border to get.

    I have ordered from before though, they are a good company.

  6. I second Bought from them both at the storefront and on the web. Prices in store are more than competitive in my local area.

  7. I am CanEHDian


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