Seriously funny bodybuilding forum spoof

  1. Seriously funny bodybuilding forum spoof

    I saw this mentioned on another forum, and just had to share some comic genious for everyone here. The entries have so much in common with another less than loved forum that's not so popular among these parts.

  2. Hilarious!

  3. sad but true. bet it came direct from

  4. That's hilarious!

    Now, Max Silver, who the hell is that a picture of in your avatar? She looks out of this world!

  5. The girl in the avatar is keyra Agustina

  6. I was at work anyways, so I spent some time and looked up so usernames. It appears all those posts are pulled directly from

  7. I posted that on and some guy actually got mad!!! I found it hilarious. I gotta say though, the people who made that spoof definitely didn't do their research because there's alot dumber stuff being said on daily.


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