The pro wrestler gyno fund

  1. The pro wrestler gyno fund

    Man, I happened upon one of those wrestling magazines and noticed that the guy on the front cover is sporting some decent gyno.

    Batista is his name, huge ****er, just damn, you would think that with the dough the guy is making he could spring for some nolvadex or something.

    Almost as bad as the rock, pre gyno surgery.

    Maybe some charitable research chemical company can send him some nolva or something lol.

    It just boggles my mind that some guy can be that huge and not be knowledgeable enough to use some anti-estrogen of some type.

  2. he has some weird pecs....although i never seen him with gyno. maybe its recent?

  3. I've wondered with Batista if he has gyno or just oddly shaped pecs as t_dot has mentioned, but if he does have gyno, it's pretty minor.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  4. Yeah...doesn't look like much there.

    WTF is up with that bellybutton tatoo on that guy?

  5. It doesn't look like gyno at all. And its too bad he can't wrestle for ****.

  6. Gyno or not, Batista is yoked! The guys is like 6' 5" 315 lbs, yet is still pretty ripped and has hella vascularity.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00

    WTF is up with that bellybutton tatoo on that guy?
    At 6'5" 317, I ain't gonna say **** to a guy with a belly button tattoo, especially when I know he could whip my ass nine ways to sunday and not break a sweat. Remember, "Safety First".

  8. Yeah in those pics you cannot see it as well.

    There was some mag cover where he was raising his arm above his head.

    It's not super bad, but it's Ken Shamrock bad I would say.


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