Boston Area Bbers: An Inexpensive Gym

  1. Boston Area Bbers: An Inexpensive Gym

    Just thought I'd mention that Planet Fitness in N. Quincy is moving to Neponset Circle in Dorchester. It is a brand new facility on the water (between 2 not so scenic bridges). You can sign up for $39 and pay $10 per month for the year or you can sign up for $100 and be guaranteed $10 (or $15) per month for the next 10YEARS. They have several deals going, all cheap as hell. It is definitely worth checking out.

  2. bump for the Bostonians

  3. sounds like a good deal - but do they allow cancellations?

    when I worked for American Fitness Centers, their contracts were written w/ the assumption that you membership was property, not any kind of service, and that the fees were in exchange for them maintaining your property FOR you - and there were NO grounds for cancellation under any circumstances.

    OT - Boston's a cool town - my daughter's headed to BU this fall....

  4. They actually do allow cancellations at any time, which is cool b/c even if you just wanted to be a member say, 5 months, you would pay a total of $90. Still less than $20 per month

    Good luck to your daughter. I know the city very well, so if you want any info for when you come up here let me know.

  5. thats a great deal if i was back home i would definatly look into it.



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