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  1. ?

    How do you post a pic without it showing up as an attachment?? i wanted to post some pics of myself but it shows up as an attachment,, any words of advice fellas??


  2. Is the pic file a bitmap image? Thats usually this issue.

  3. If it is a bmp file, change it over to a jpg or gif file and then it will show up..
  4. Ok

    ill give that a try and see what happens,, thanks guys,, you ,must really want to see me,, hahaha, j/k

  5. ok

    the pics are all .bmp pics,, is there any way of changing that?

  6. Almost everyone has Paint. Use that program to do it. Just open the file, Click save as, change the file type to Jpeg and save it.

  7. Please don't post any threads as "?" anymore
  8. .

    Yeah yeah, i know, didn't realize i had done that until it was too late bro,, but i got the damn pics changed over,, so what are you waiting for,, go check'em out, hahaha,,



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