Hans Blix's Comments on Iraq

  1. Hans Blix's Comments on Iraq

    Hans Blix's statements on Iraq

    Compiled from an interview done by the Editors of Time Magazine March 3d

    One position taken by the 'just give the inspectors more time' camp who
    claim the head of the inspection team-Hans Blix- is some how against
    military force being used, or think inspections are the answer, may be
    suprised by Mr Blix's direct comments below. In a recent interview, he was
    quite clear about the situation and his opinion of exactly why we even have
    inspections. A few quotes of note:

    Asked whether the Iraqi's have any credibility regarding the information
    they are supplying to him and his inspectors.

    '...of course they have no credibility. If they had any, they certainly
    lost it in 1991. I don't see they have acquired any credibility.'

    Asked if there should be an absolute deadline for Iraq to give total and
    complete and open cooperation (which he was quite clear has yet to happen)
    and whether there's a need for an imminent military threat for not meeting
    that deadline, he sates:

    'Such a thing without an outside pressure of force is not very useful.'

    Asked about the need for a time line backed up with clear threat of
    imminent military action he replied, the Iraqi's

    'Cannot drag it on forever.'

    Asked if the recent discovery of missiles in the Iraq stockpile clearly
    exceeded permissible range limits he replied:

    'Of course.'

    In response to why we even have inspectors there at all and have gotten
    even the limited cooperation we have from the Iraqi government, he replied

    'I don't think there would have been any inspections but for outside
    pressure, including U.S. forces.'

    His other comments were just as clear and telling, but I won't quote them
    all. People should read the interview if interested.

    What is clear is that SH is playing the UN countries against each other to
    buy time, and the French and a few others more interested in undermining
    the U.S versus doing something about Iraq. It is they, not the US and its
    allies that are putting the region, the world, and the troops on both sides
    at increased risk. How would we simply end this? Buy showing a unified
    front that time is up and imminent military action will happen by a defined
    date if Iraq does not completely and totally cooperate with Blix's group.
    We all know that wont happen as Iraq will never fully cooperate, hence the
    reason the U.S. has concluded (and rightly so based on the evidence) that
    further inspections are worthless.

    And how do we know SH is playing the UN for time so he can go on with
    business as usual and blocking inspectors? Speaking to the Egyptian weekly
    Al-Usbou in November:

    'No doubt, time is working for us. We have to buy some more time, and the
    American-British coalition will disintegrate.'

  2. I hope folks are listening....

  3. *The plot thickens* (dun, dun, duhhhhhhhh)

    This really chaps my ass..you know its bad when the head inspector thinks it's useless
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